Special offers

Nose plastic surgery – only 2 200,-eur. *

Special offer’s plastic surgery includes consultation with  doctor, the surgery itself, anaesthesia, post-operative care at the clinic for one night, postoperative visits and all medical equipment.

*Nose plastic surgeries are performed by plastic and reconstructive surgery doctor Renaldas Vaiciunas. Special offer is not valid for revision rhinoplasty. Special offer valid until 1st of July.

Formation of lower-face contour – only 295,-eur!*

New in Lithuania  - only at VitkusClinic! The extraordinary definition of the facial shape is available today! Give expression to the chin and jaw line with „Juvéderm Volux“.

Formation of lower-face contour – only 295,-eur!*

The cost of the chin and jaw contour correction procedure includes the consultation with a dermatologist, medical tools and postoperative visits.

*Procedure is performed by dermatologist Julija Mozūraitienė. A special offer is valid from 8th May to 1st July. Usual price of the procedure is 380,-eur.